Solid Wood Wall Mounted Coat Racks, Picture Ledges - Made In The USA

Why Select Solid Wood Products for Your Home?

Almost every piece of furniture on the market today utilizes man-made would like products in the manufacturing process. These products include particle board, MDF and plywood. These products have their place and certainly can be utilized to reduce the purchase price for the consumer. Reducing the cost of a product is essentially where the benefits of using manufactured wood products ends.

Our manufacture processing utilizes solid hardwoods grown in North America. Virtually every product that we manufacture is constructed of solid Oak, Cherry, Maple or Poplar hardwood. Why the expense of utilizing solid hardwood for our products?

Every piece that we manufacture from solid wood is unique no to pieces of natural wood are exactly the same, color the grain texture and patterns also varies from piece to piece.

Natural wood ages gracefully. It will become darker and richer in color over time. Some natural wood like Cherry will dramatically darken over time when exposed to ultraviolet light.

MDF or particle board being made up of dust and glue is extremely apt to crumble especially on corners, it also tends to absorb moisture, if you live in an area with high humidity over time it can absorb moisture and deteriorate. As particle board has no color or grain texture, typically a vinyl adhesive layer is applied creating the appearance of wood grain, this vinyl coating many times will peel off overtime.

Is MDF environmentally friendly? In some circumstances, it is environmentally friendly in the fact that it is manufactured from scrap material. However many chemicals and harmful byproducts are used in the manufacturing process. Many issues have been brought to life in regards to MDF's safety, does it contain formaldehyde? Some reports say that MDF should not be burned? Is this a product you want I your home?

Natural wood on the other hand, we know is safe for the environment as well as your family. It can be recycled and as it is a natural product that regenerates itself over time it is considered environmentally friendly. Take into account that a solid wood product can easily last for centuries in the long run solid wood is a much better choice not only for the consumer but also for the environment.

Our wood products are proudly Made In The USA.
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