Every office no matter how big or small needs a place to hang coats, even in a climate that has moderate temperatures year around. They are essential pieces of office furniture. At PegandRail.com, we have made thousands of custom designed pieces to meet the needs of hotels, churches, hospitals, retail stores and many universities.

Quality Construction From Solid Hardwoods

We use only solid hardwoods such as Oak Maple Cherry and Poplar. Solid wood will last for decades as apposed to imported ones that are made from press board, MDF or fiber board.
The major disadvantages of MDF or press board are:

  • Mdf will not hold screws as well as real hardwoods, which may result in the screws simply pulling out of the rail.
  • Mdf will also absorb moisture, and this will cause swelling and deterioration.
  • Another big issue with MDF is that it will easily chip especially on the edges and corners.

Advantages of Solid Wood.

  • Solid wood with its natural wood grain features is more aesthetically pleasing when compared to MDF.
  • Solid wood is stronger and more durable.
  • Can be stained to match existing decor
  • Makes for a much stronger base for attaching hooks
  • Longer lasting
What to look for.

There are many styles of hooks available today, choosing a quality one is the key to a long lasting coat rack. The adage “you get what you pay for” tends to be true when it comes to quality.

The advertising on many packages will provide information like “brass finish” but what does that mean? If it just has a brass finish that the finish is generally thin and will wear of over time, it may even be a painted brass finish. The finish on a solid brass one will last virtually forever as there is no finish to wear off. If you are looking for a hook that will last you need to look at the base metal construction, is it made from a brass base? Your cheaper inferior peices will be made from aluminum or even worse the proverbial “white metal” these designs are not nearly as strong as a solid brass base metal design.

How do you plan to mount your coat rack?

For the obvious reason, any commercial applications need to have solid mounting. The best way to ensure a solid mounting is to attach directly to a stud or other solid construction support. An off the shelf unit will most likely not fit your mounting requirements.

Need a custom size? Custom mounting solution? Just tell us what you need and we should be able to supply your needs.

Over the years, we have manufactured thousands of custom pieces for hotels, retail stores, colleges, hospitals and many office complexes. In several of these cases, we have provided custom stain colors (which we can custom blend to match your existing colors). Need a specific style? We can get most any style hook you may need.

At PegandRail we use only the best materials, no MDF only solid hand selected solid hardwoods. Typically we use Oak, Cherry, Maple and Poplar. However if, you have a project that requires a different species of wood we could handle that, as well. Our hooks all have a solid brass as base metal for a heavy and solid unit that will not break under normal use.

Have a project?

Need 20 or 1000 pieces?

Give me a call, or shoot me an email with the specifics.

Ed Hazel

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