Wall Mounted Coat Racks and Hooks - Made In The USA

Pegandrail’s hand crafted solid wood wall mounted coat racks and hooks are available in Oak, Cherry and Maple stained or unfinished. Plus a hand rubbed white lacquer finish. This style offers a few advantages over the typical floor standing model.

1. Does not require any valuable floor space.
2. Easier to clean around does not have to be moved to sweep.
3. Can hold more items dependent on size.
4. May be used to display may different items.
5. Is a fantastic way to keep things organized and tidy..

What design of coat rack is best?

Surly the first thing invented to hold a coat was conceived as soon as the inventor of the coat took of his first coat and needed a place to store it. Today many years later there still is only two basic designs for a coat rack. A wall mounted, or a floor standing design are your options, each has it's advantages and disadvantages.

First let us look over the advantages of a wall unit.

  • They do not take up any valuable floor space
  • Easier to clean around. One does not need to move them out of the way to sweep the floor.
  • They may be configured to hold more coats.
  • May incorporate a shelf to hold gloves ect.

  • Advantages of a floor standing model.

  • More options in design and style.
  • Maybe easily moved around to different locations.
  • Does not require mounting to a wall, no wall damage.

  • No matter which design you purchase you will want to look for one that is made with quality materials. Solid wood is a great start. Quality hooks and fasteners are a must. Today many imported pieces, are constructed with press board or MDF, these materials will not hold up over the long haul.

    When looking at floor standing models make sure that it is stable. One of the biggest issues with the floor standing designs is they are tippy, hang to many coats on one side and they tip over. On the wall units look at how they are mounted, will the available mounting options work with your type of wall construction. Is the mounting system strong enough to hold the unit and what you hang on it?
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