Narrow Shaker Peg Rack Mounting

The narrow Shaker peg racks utilize a through hole and a matching button plug to cover the mounting screws.

The button plugs are made from the same type of wood as the rack. If you order a peg rack in Cherry it will come with Cherry button plugs.

Mounting Screws and Button plugs are included

  • The 18", 23" and the 29" Each have mounting holes 8" either side of the center
  • The 35" and he 47" Have a mounting hole in the center and on 16" right and left of center
  • The 41" Has the three mounting holes 16" apart they are offset 1" from the center
  • The 58" has 4 mounting holes 8" and 24" right and left of the center
  • We can position the mounting holes in a custom place for you if needed, The placement of the pegs will take precedent however.