Key Hole
Key Hole Machined
Into the Back

Button Plug
Button Plug Example

Mounting Hole Locations for: Shaker Peg Racks with and without a shelf

Your choices include our standard "Key hole" mounting system, which leaves a subtle clean look as no fasteners are visible once installed or the traditional through hole with a matching button plug to cover the mounting screw. Typically the "Button Plug" choice allows for greater options when mounting. Mounting screws are included.

Mounting hole locations:

The 18" 23" and 29" each have two mounting holes, 8" either side of the center.
The 35" includes three holes, a center hole and a mounting hole 16 on both sides of the center.
The 41" includes three holes, every 16" from the center or 1" to the left or right of center depending on options selected. (To allow for the peg)
The 47" includes three holes, A center hole and 16" either side of the center.
The 58" includes Four holes, two holes, 8" and 24" to the right of the center, two holes, 8" and 24" to the left of center.
Need a custom mounting hole location? Just let us know.