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Unfinished Shelf Coat Racks With Double Style Hooks - Satin Nickel, Solid Brass, Aged Bronze Hooks & Top Shelf

Unfinished Shelf Coat Racks With Double Style Hooks Unfinished Shelf Coat Rack - Oak - Round Over Edge
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Solid Brass, Aged Bronze & Satin Nickle Hooks - 3 to 10 hooks


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7 Sizes 16" to 53" in Length with 3 to 10 Hooks

Solid Oak, Cherry, Maple Shelf Coat Racks with Double Style Hooks-Made in the USA

  • The top shelf is 4 inches deep
  • 4 1/4 inches in height
  • Created with pride from hand selected top quality solid Oak, Maple, Cherry
  • Available in three different hook finishes, aged bronze, satin nickel, and solid brass.
  • Hooks are spaced 5.33 inched on center
  • The double style hooks are 3" wide and extend 1 1/4".
  • Hooks are spaced 5.33 inched on center.
  • These are high quality heavy solid hooks they are manufactured by the Ives Corporation.
  • The wood rails are made 100% in the USA.
  • A traditional through hole with a matching button plug to cover the screw.
  • Mounting screws and button plugs included.
  • As we manufacture these in our Highland Michigan facility if you need a custom size, please give us a call or send us an e-mail with your request.

Mounting hole locations:

  • The 16" has two mounting holes 7" right and left of center.
  • The 21" 26" and 31" each have two mounting holes, 8" either side of the center.
  • The 37" and the 42" includes three holes, a center hole and a mounting hole 16” on both sides of the center.
  • The 53" includes Four holes, two holes, 8" and 24" to the right of the center, two holes, 8" and 24" to the left of center.
  • Need a custom mounting hole location? Just let us know.
  • Button Plug
    Button Plug Example