Peg Rack Mounting
Our Shaker peg racks (Single Row) can be ordered with either a "KEY HOLE" or a "BUTTON PLUG" or a "No Hole" mounting option. 

Our Double Row peg racks can be ordered with a "Button Plug" or "No Holes" mounting option. 

No Hole option will include button plugs. 

The key hole option has a key hole shaped opening that is machined into the back of the product. The slot slides over the Tapered mounting that securely attaches the coat rack to the wall. It is strongly recommended that the key hole mounting screws be positioned into a stud. The main advantage of the KEY HOLE system is that it leaves a neat clean finished look to the coat rack as there are no screw covers. We can locate the Key holes to satisfy your stud locations just give us the measurements from left to right. For example Please position the first key hole 3" from the left edge the next 19" from the left edge ect.

The Shelf Units, Picture Ledges & Narrow Peg Racks all Utilize the Button plug Mounting
The button plug option is generally considered easier to install. A counter sunk hole is provided for the included mounting screws and a matching button shaped plugs are included to cover the screw. We can position the mounting screw locations to meet your needs, just give us the measurements from left to right. For example Please position the first key hole 3" from the left edge the next 19" from the left edge ect.

No Mounting Holes
If you select NO MOUNTING HOLES I will include the proper number of button plugs and screws. I use a 1/2" forstner bit to cut a nice clean edge flat bottom counter sink hole about .250 to .300 deep for the button plug. I then use a 3/16 drill bit and drill a hole in the center of the countersink through the rail for the mounting screws to pass through. If selecting no mounting holes (only on the peg rack) may have keyholes in the back, let me know if this is a problem.

Metal Hook Coat Rack Mounting
The metal Hook Coat Racks utilize a through hole mounting system the screws are hidden behind the hooks. The hooks are spaced so that every fourth hook is placed at 16 inches to match common wall stud configurations. The Mounting screws are included. Once the unit is installed the hooks that cover the screws are installed this leaves a nice clean finished look with no visible screws or screw covers that may fall out over time.

Shaker Peg Size and Length
The Shaker pegs we use are all the same size whether they are Oak, Cherry, Maple or white . The pegs extend 3 inches from the wood rail the wood rail is 3/4 of an inch thick, so the total from the wall to the end of the peg is 3 3/4 inches.

Metal Hook Dimensions
The solid brass, satin nickel and bronze hooks utilize the same dimensions.

The single hooks extend 1 3/4 inches plus the 3/4 inch thick rail for a total of 2 1/2 inches.

The double hooks extend 1 1/4 inches plus the 3/4 inch rail for a total of 2 inches the double hook is 3 inches wide.

The hat and coat hooks extend 3 inches for the top hook and 1 1/4 inches for the bottom hook. Adding the 3/4 inch rail the hat and coat hook coat racks protrude 3 3/4 inches from the wall.

When Will My Order Ship

Products are typically shipped in 2-3 business days if you need your order expedited or by a certain date, please let us know and we will put a rush on it for you. You may also choose a custom length to fit your needs. Just call or email us with any special requests

Custom Sizes

Although we have many standard sizes and colors. We manufacture custom pieces on a daily basis so if you can not find just what you are looking for give us a call or send an email. Please include the type of wood, finished or unfinished, type and number of hooks or pegs.
We use Min-wax oil base stains you may choose a custom color from their oil base stain selection. As a rule custom sizes only need an extra day or to manufacture depending on the size and our current level of work. The upper limit is about 90 inches shipping gets to be a problem with rails that are any longer.

PegandRail can manufacture custom lengths. The upper limit is about 90 inches shipping gets to be a problem with rails that are any longer.

Max lengths for custom sizes.

The shipping companies are now charging well over $100. extra to ship a package over 96" plus inches in the outside length.  In order to avoid this charge we need to limit the max length to 90".  The 90" allows us to have room for some padding and the box.   If you need a length longer I can make it in multiple pieces that are laid out to look continuous, the pegs will be spaced evenly.  

looking for a custom size please use the quote form quote form or give us a call.

Return Policy:

 Full refund will be given less shipping and handling charges, on any item returned to us within 30 days from the date of purchase. The exception to this is used, altered or damaged items and custom or customized orders. Purchaser will be responsible for return shipping and any applicable handling charges.

Unfinished Peg Racks - Peg Installation

I find it easier to apply the finishes prior to installing the pegs.

Do not paint the tenon which is the part of the peg that goes in the hole.

Do not paint inside the hole.

A small amount of wood glues should be used to attach the pegs.

The glue should be applied to the sides of the hole. 

Do not fill the hole as this will prevent you from installing the pegs.

I push down and use a twisting motion when installing the pegs.  If the pegs are tight you may use a slight rocking motion to help seat the pegs from time to time I find it necessary to sand the tenon a little bit to make the pegs fix in the hole easier.  Keep in mind we want a good fit, to loose and the pegs will come loose. 

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