Over the years, we have made thousands of custom coat racks our customers include Harvard University, J-crew stores, Stanford University, MIT, University of Chicago, Missouri State, University of Michigan, and many other colleges, hotels, doctors offices, hospitals and banks around the country you may have already seen our coat racks.

Have a large commercial project or just need one custom size? PegandRail can help, we can custom mix stain colors, manufacture specific sizes and obtain most any hook that is required. Give us a call or email with your requirements.

As a rule custom sizes require extra time  to manufacture depending on the size and our current level of work. The upper limit is about 90 inches shipping gets to be a problem with rails that are any longer.

Max lengths for custom sizes.

The shipping companies are now charging well over $100. extra to ship a package over 96" plus inches in the outside length.  In order to avoid this charge we need to limit the max length to 90".  The 90" allows us to have room for some padding and the box.   If you need a length longer I can make it in multiple pieces that are laid out to look continuous, the pegs will be spaced evenly.  

Although we have many standard sizes and colors to choose from we continue to manufacture custom products on a daily basis so if you can not find just what you are looking for give us a call or send an email, Please include the type of wood, finished or unfinished, type and number of hooks or pegs.
We use Min-wax oil base stains you may choose a custom color from their oil base stain assortment.

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