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Solid Oak with Hat & Coat Style Hooks - Your Choice of Solid Brass, Aged Bronze or Satin Nickel Hooks

Solid Oak with Hat & Coat Style Hooks
Oak 4.5 Xwide - Natural Stain - Aged Bronze Hooks
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Standard Stain Colors on Solid Oak

Golden Oak
Golden Oak
Gun Stock
Gun Stock
Edge Profiles
Edge Profiles

Solid Oak Coat Racks with Hat and Coat Style Hooks in Solid Brass, Aged Bronze or Satin Nickel Finish

Std lengths 15" to 52" with 3 to 10 "hat & coat style hooks". Select our 3.5" wide rail or a spectacular 4.5" X-wide solid Oak rail.
Oak 3.5 wide - Golden Oak Stain - Aged Bronze Hooks
Golden Oak & Bronze

Oak 4.5 Xwide - Walnut Stain - Satin Nickel Hooks
Chestnut & Nickel

Oak 3.5 wide - Walnut Stain - Solid Brass Hooks
Walnut & Brass

  • Features
  • Created from hand selected top grade solid Oak, built to last.
  • 15" to 52" in length with 3 to 10 Hat & Coat style hooks.
  • The Hat & Coat Style hooks are 1 1/4" wide and extend 3 1/4" from the rail.
  • Hooks are spaced every 5.33 inches.
  • Every fourth hook is 16" on center for easy stud mounting.
  • Mounting holes are concealed under each hook.
  • Mounting screws are included.
  • We like to make custom sizes. If you need just 1 or 500.
  • Choose from our standard 3.5 inch wide or our impressive 4.5" Xwide rails.
  • Oak rails 100% Made in the USA.
  • Hand rubbed clear coat top coat.
Product Video

Itís another rainy night, and, of course, the dog wants to go out. He looks at you with big, brown imploring eyes and you sigh as you listen to the rain patter against the window. You let out a big sigh and then pull on your boots. Then, you reach for the dogís leash and your raincoat, both conveniently hanging on your newly installed solid Oak coat rack mounted right by the door.

Thankfully now you always have your raincoat right on hand. You donít have to deal with the rain getting your clothes soaked because you know exactly where everything is. Alright Buster, letís get this over with, you sigh once again and open the door to a cool, rainy night outside. Thank goodness you have a raincoat, and know exactly where it is!

Customer Reviews
Rating Kurt
Hi Ed: Just wanted to write to say how thoroughly pleased we are with our new coat rack and peg rack! After shopping around and finding nothing but press-board junk that won''''''''t last, it was great to find your site and these excellent racks. They are just beautifully made, with solid craftsmanship and materials. Thanks again for selling and making an outstanding product that will last us for many, many years. We will be back to your site and we are hoping you might add some more items (like shoe racks or book shelves) of the same quality, finish, and workmanship! In a world filled largely with particle board junk and shoddy craftsmanship, these racks are an example that there''''''''s still some companies making things right. Thanks Ed--we will be back. #4529 Kurt
  Reviewed by:   from Marne MI. on 8/31/2011
Questions and Answers
Q: I need 5 inches to cover a hole in the wall. 30.5 long is fine. Mahogany with aged bronze hooks?
Asked by:  - 2/13/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: Hello Lane

Thanks for the question. No problrm I will be happy to make a 5" wide coat rack for you. I will email you a price ect. thanks
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Q:  Several years ago I ordered a solid oak rack with hat & coat style hooks, with a color stain of English Chestnut. I just received my new order that I ordered in Chestnut color. I thought they would be the same color, but they are slightly different...is it still the closest match or would mahogany have been a closer match do you think?
Asked by:  - 10/18/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: Hello Melisa

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The current Chestnut Stain is the same as what we used to call English Chestnut it is "Minwax English Chestnut 233"
These type of stains are translucent so the color of the wood has a large impact on the final color. Oak will very quite a bit some pieces can be almost red. It will also darken some over time.

If you would like, take a picture of them side by side so we can see the difference.
You could then send it back and we can work at getting a closer match for you.
When orders come through for multiple pieces we try to make them out of the same board so the match exactly.

Thank You Ed
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